Auto Filtration Technology Ford and GM 10-speed RWD transmission



A specially designed Filtran module protects sensitive parts inside modern transmissions.

Filtran’s innovative design for the all-new Ford and GM 10-speed transmissions minimizes wear, protects against contaminant damage, and extends the life of transmissions and control valves.


Defining a filter system that considers high filtration efficiency, low pressure differential drop and a long lifetime while also taking into consideration the given limited installation space and cost requirements.


Instead of using an additional pressure filter to separate small-sized critical particles, the required fine filter media is placed on the suction side of the pump, integrated into the sump filter. The system integrates several features, which provide high levels of filtration efficiency, dirt hold capacity and pressure differential for the filter’s entire lifetime. The filter media is pleated to increase the effective area in relation to pressure drop and particle capture capacity. A medium-efficiency filtration media, with lower pressure differential, is placed parallel to the highly efficient media (with a naturally higher pressure differential), to enable parallel flow. The flow path of the medium-efficiency media is activated by a flow control valve, which has a flap valve design, depending on the pressure.  While the oil is allowed to bypass the fine media over the more coarse media in cold conditions, nearly all the flow has to run through the fine filter media at warmer temperatures. Filtran used a laser-welding house instead of friction welding because laser-welding technology provides high strength and avoids residual contamination during manufacturing which is often a problem with alternative welding procedures. This innovative concept ensures outstanding filter performance, which is needed to protect the sensitive parts inside modern transmissions. This is particularly applicable for the directly controlled valves inside the transmission control units, but also for other components such as clutch plates and pumps, that must be protected by relevant filtration.


This suction side filter module delivers high levels of the filtration performance in eliminating the need for a separated pressure filter. To achieve cost savings with pressure filters extra installation space and additional components such as a pressure filter housing or caps, connecting channels and adapters are required. Along with additional processes like machining, assembly and logistical elements.