Our Filters Help Protect Employees and the Environment

man paint spraying car


Initial Situation

Safe and effective industrial filtration solutions, including automotive finishing, require a commitment to protecting employees and the environment. With the understanding that workplace safety and sustainable, environmental responsibility go together, codes and regulations are in place regarding the construction, location and operation of spray booth technology. 

Finishing companies must comply with codes and regulations including:

  • BOCA National Fire Prevention Code
  • National Building Code
  • Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-33)
  • OBC Uniform Building Code
  • UFC Uniform Building Code
  • SBCCI Standard Fire Prevention Code 



Automotive and aftermarket companies comply with every code and regulation while maintaining optimal working conditions. Employees have the potential to be exposed to many hazards. Chemical hazards may include sanding dusts containing metals, solvents, paints and cleaners.  Physical hazards may include cutting and sanding tools, noise, repetitive stress and uneven or slippery floor surfaces. Implementing effective health and safety programs can reduce the risk of employee accidents, save money and improve employee morale.

Longer-lasting and high efficiency filtration solutions can be a challenge due to the inherent risks of this highly technical and sensitive operation. Improper application technology, poor filtration, chemical imbalance and insufficient maintenance can result in fires, leaks or spontaneous combustion. 


Solution Statement

Clogged filters compromise the safety conditions for spray booth workers and decreases the airflow, which allows particulate to harden and fall onto the painted surface.  This results in a dimple effect on an automobile requiring costly duplication efforts.

With more than 45 years as environmentally conscious, technical solution providers, we partner with our customers to identify and respond to their needs. We maintain a philosophy of continuous improvement in product innovation, customer support and delivery of products. We understand the inflationary market in which our customers are in and provide cost-effective, efficient filtration solutions that reduce downtime, are safer for maintenance teams and more productive for operations.