The right filter for the job

As a world leader in filtration innovation, we can provide a filtration solution for every situation. From custom sizing to industry specific materials and coatings, our engineers make sure you’re covered.

Breathe easier with filtration

Our filtration solutions help you save money and the environment. Increase your sustainability with environmentally friendly materials that are long lasting and efficient.

Manufacturing depends on the right filtration

Keep equipment clean, machines running smoothly and energy costs down with filtration from the quality leader, Filtration Group.

Filtration Group protects our future

Filtration keeps harmful contaminants from threatening our environment and our future.


Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence is driven by a deep-rooted desire to better serve our customers. We invest in the best people, technologies and strategies to grow a truly unique market leader that delivers outstanding customer value.


When our customers have a filtration need, we find an answer. No matter your unique demands, our engineers are always working to provide the best possible solution. We constantly innovate and improve our technology to help make filtration more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly every day.


Our engineers are passionate about filtration and it shows in each of our products and services—from initial design to delivery. That passion translates to a cleaner, greener and healthier world for all of us.